AntiNa Chews v. 19.5 Miles of San Jacinto

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

We took our AntiNa chews out for a real-life test! Mt. San Jacinto Summit Trail is located about 2 hours east of Los Angeles, with a summit elevation of 10,833 feet.

When we did a similar hike last year, we could barely make it to the top from energy loss and nausea. The results were much different this time!

The chews gave us enough energy to complete the 13-mile round-trip trek from start to finish. The ginger warded off altitude sickness and allowed us to feel hungry enough to eat our refuel snacks and finish the hike.

Even though it was May, there was still snow at the top! And what a beautiful view -- definitely worth the trip.

Want to try the hike for yourself? Here's how to get there. Just be sure to pack a few chews to go!


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